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We all know that good karma will create a more meaningful life (and afterlife) for yourself. You will feel much happier and will start to attract goodness and luck into your life.

People think that they are born with bad karma and that they can never have good karma.

Here’s the fact:

You can change your karma with the right tools and techniques!

Ask yourself, have you ever faced any of these problems in your life?

  • Life just isn't going your way.
  • Life constantly feels like an uphill battle.
  • You find yourself often feeling discouraged, angry, frustrated, depressed, and drained.
  • You have been resigned and in a mood where we just don’t care about anything
  • It feels like you're a failure.
  • You feel like giving up and you just want to curl into a little ball and cry.

Well, you are not alone. I've been there before and so have many of my customers.

However, it does NOT have to be that way at ALL.  Once you discover the secret powers of improving your karma and how it will change your life!

I’m going to share these secrets with you today in my brand new book and audio program; Karma Laws.

Karma Laws

Here’s an overview of KARMA LAWS:

  • Simple techniques for improving your karma.
  • Contains various components which will help you to excel in areas such as your mind, body and spirit.
  • Improve overall happiness and change bad karma into good karma.
  • Learn the Laws of Karma and how to align yourself with them for success in all areas of your life!

Simple Techniques For Maintaining Good Karma And Living A Happy Life

Let me shed some light on some things that may be on your mind:

Will this help free me from my feelings of uncertainty?

Absolutely!  Karma Laws equips you with the tools and strategies you need to free yourself.  It's an easy process and you will see results quickly and easily!

Will this help me change my life for the better?

Short answer: Certainly! The ideas and words of wisdom from this karma manual will help you to change your life and empower you in ways like never before!

Will I be able to understand and apply the content in this guide easily?

Most definitely! Everything has been laid out methodically so that anyone can benefit from it!

Wow, this is too good to be true! Will this cost me a small fortune?

Here’s the good news, NO.I want everybody to be able to have access KarmaLaws because I knew what it was like, struggling hard to succeed in my life... Now that I'm in a good place in my life, I only want others to get into a place that makes them feel happy and free as well.   Karma Laws will help you “jump start” your success in your personal development journey regardless of your circumstances.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, here’s 5 great reasons to invest in Karma Laws:

  • The ideas you learn in this books can help you succeed in all areas of life and easily cover the cost of this book.
  • Your peers would start to notice the difference within you.
  • You will start to feel better and confident in life.
  • Difficult tasks suddenly become much easier.
  • Your friends would be begging you to share your secrets to good karma in life!

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chapter 1: what is karma and where did it originate? ($12.95)

Have you often heard the word Karma and wondered what it truly meant?

Has the concept of Karma always interested you?

In this chapter we will introduce you to the concept of Karma and where it originated. Living with the belief in Karma can greatly benefit you. Implementing this philosophy into your everyday life can help guide you spiritually and leave you more open to the mysteries of the universe.

It is important to focus on the positive when you live a life guided by your belief in Karma. The more positive energy you put out in the universe, the more positive energy that will be returned to you. You want to attract good Karma so that your life is more fulfilled and complete. You want to feel that you are a positive force in the universe and living a life guided by the positive forces in the universe.

When you start focusing on the positive, you will notice that more good things do come to you. Your attitude toward adversity changes. You know you can overcome any obstacles that are set before you. Your belief in Karma will provide guidance and help you through any difficulties you may encounter.

chapter 2: the 12 laws of karma ($12.95)

Have you often heard many clichés that represent what Karma stands for?

Did you know that there are 12 Laws of Karma?

In this chapter we will review the 12 Laws of Karma and what they mean to you as an individual. It is important to note that Karma is not about reward and punishment and it is not partial. Karma is an active, natural force. Your life is not on a predetermined course. You can make changes in your life that can alter your life in a more positive manner.

When reading about the 12 Laws of Karma, you should try to visualize how they apply to your life. By visualizing how you can apply these laws, it will be easier for you to implement them in your day to day activities.

Understand the laws is key to understand Karma and how it functions. When you understand how Karma works, it will be easier for you to attract good Karma. Remember, you do have the ability to attract good Karma. Nobody is set on a specific path in life. You can make changes and decisions every day that will allow good Karma to flow into your life. Following these laws will show you the way.

chapter 3: cause and effect ($12.95)

As mentioned in the previous chapter, cause and effect is the first law of Karma. Whatever action you take leads to an effect. In this chapter we will review how you approach life and what you consider to be important by asking you several questions. Your response to each of these questions will determine what you need to do in order to turn around your life and bring positive Karma into your existence.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the brain has an enormous amount of potential power and energy . So many of us do not use their brain properly. Your brain needs to have nourishment just as much as your body. When you focus on the present, and not worry about what happened in the past, or what could happen in the future, you provide your mind with nourishment.

You stop and enjoy what is happening in the current moment. Your thoughts can be clearer and the decisions you make are more positive because you are not thinking about the past or the future. The thing to remember is that positive actions will attract positive responses. You can let good Karma flow into your life by the daily decisions you make.

chapter 4: co-creation ($12.95)

Do you realize that in order for you to be one with the universe you need to truly be yourself?

In this chapter, we will review why it is important to shrug off all the perceptions that current society places on you. In order to let positive Karma flow into your life you cannot present a false version of yourself.We will also examine the various pathogenic factors and how they can be used to assist in diagnosis. Being able to understand these factors and the causes of them, will help determine the best course of treatment. When you can understand what is causing the imbalance, you can then bring the body back into balance.

It is so important that you find yourself. We will review ways in which you can determine what makes you special and unique and where you fit in the universe. You have the power to strip away all of the false perceptions about yourself. When you do this, you can be who you are truly meant to be.

By finding out how you can listen to yourself, and determining who you truly are, you will start to be able to bring in Karma that reflects what you are and not what you want. With this particular law, it is vital that you realize this difference in yourself. Determining who you really are and not what society perceives you to be, will ensure that you make positive decisions and take positive actions that will allow good Karma to flow to you.

chapter 5: what you resist persists ($12.95)

Have you ever considered the amount of importance you place on yourself?

In this Chapter, we will review the law that what you resist persists. With this particular law, it is necessary to evaluate what you like and what you dislike about yourself. It is important to evaluate your flaws as well as the positive aspects of who you are.

In order to evaluate yourself we will review circumstances under which you may be concerned about what other people think of you. It is natural to be concerned what other people think because this has been ingrained in us in Western society. What you need to do in order to follow this law, is determine what negative things you would like to change about yourself and how you can go about stop resisting change that will make you a better person, a person that knows what place he or she holds in the universe.

We will also go over scenarios where you can determine the outcomes that may occur when you resist who you are inside. If you truly want good Karma to flow to you, you need to learn not to deny who you really are.

chapter 6: growth (change) ($12.95)

Do you realize that everything that has occurred in your life has caused you to change?

Have you ever considered that even the smallest event can cause change within you?

As you have learned from the previous chapters, with Karma, no one thing has more significance than another. There have been no moments or occurrences in your life that have been less significant than another. Whenever something different occurs in your life it causes you to grow.

In this chapter we will discuss in detail the importance of growth. You grow whether or not you are aware of it. It is important that you understand the significance of growing with the energies of the universe rather than against it.

Within the chapter we will go into more detail about the principle behind this particular law. What it comes down to is that you can determine how you change by the actions you take. If you take positive actions, the changes within you also become positive. You can affect the amount of good Karma that flows into your life by being conscious of how every occurrence in your life can allow you to change in a positive way.

chapter 7: taking responsibility ($12.95)

Do you realize that you mirror what surrounds you?

Do you know that you are responsible for the types of reflections you create by the decisions you make and the actions you take?

This concept is extremely important to understand in order to realize the significance of the law regarding taking responsibility. We will discuss in detail that what you mirror is constant and that you are responsible for the positive or negative reflections you create.

As we discussed previously, you attract things to you based on what you are and not what you desire. Taking responsibility for your actions and decisions will allow you to attract good Karma. We will review why it is important to take responsibility and how you can implement this change in your life.

You know deep down that when you do something good, the chance of something good happening back to you as a result improves. When you learn to take responsibility your resulting actions will determine what kind of reflections you create. When you truly know yourself you can take actions that will bring good Karma into your life.

chapter 8: connection ($12.95)

Have you considered that the actions you take, as well as the actions of others are connected within the universe?

Do you realized that the positive actions you take can in fact cause positive actions in others and you will have started a domino effect in which good Karma flows from you to others and back again?

With the law of Connection, even the smallest action you take has consequences and serves a purpose. In this chapter we will review the importance of seeing balance and harmony in life based on the connection that actions have with each other. We will discuss how perception about life and how you approach life influence your actions and cause either good or bad Karma to flow to you.

Also included in this chapter will be ways for you to take certain actions that will allow good Karma to flow to you. There are so many benefits when you act in ways that allow for good Karma to flow. It not only affects you, but it affects those around you. You then influence the actions of others in a positive way. When you initiate the flow of good Karma it will eventually make its way back to you.

chapter 9: what you focus on expands ($12.95)

Have you ever experienced a time in your life that you attempted to focus on many things at once and it resulted in you being overstressed and you ended up achieving nothing?

This is the basis for the law that counsels that if you attempt to think of more than one thing at a time you end up accomplishing nothing. In this chapter we will review the relationship this particular law has with the flow of good Karma.

We will also discuss how your thoughts and actions must work together in a positive, focused way in order for you to reap the benefits and allow good Karma to flow to you. Avoiding distractions is not always easy, but if you learn to focus on one thing at a time, you will find that you are much more successful at achieving your goals.

You probably have noticed that when you focus on one thing, whether it is an exam you are studying for, or maybe a project you are working on for your profession, you accomplish your goal a lot quicker and more efficiently. The same applies to particular Karma law. Only when you focus on positive actions will good Karma flow to you.

chapter 10: giving is receiving ($12.95)

Are you conscious of the actions you take and the impact those actions have on others?

When you make decisions do you think about their consequences and whether the actions that you take as a result are positive and can benefit others?

You have probably heard the phrase ‘what you give is what you receive’ many times in the past. In this chapter we will review this particular law and how it relates to Karma. It may not always be the easiest path to take and the stresses of the world can be distracting, but if you focus on your actions and try to be understanding, forgiving and tolerant of others, you will more often than not find that people are more forgiving, understanding and tolerant of you in return.

You have the power to create a more positive world. You have the ability to give others positive Karma by your actions. Just think of how much better the world would be if more people considered their actions and thought about the positive energy they give when they make decisions that benefit others. By taking positive actions and giving good Karma to others, you will in turn have good Karma flow to you.

chapter 11: being present, be here now ($12.95)

Do you find yourself looking back on past events?

Do you often worry about the future and what it holds for you?

This particular law of Karma teaches that when you spend the time looking back or worrying about the future, you prevent yourself from being in the here and now. In this chapter we will review the importance of living in the current moment and how good Karma flows to you as a result.

We will also review the importance of understanding that past events, whether positive or negative, have allowed you to grow and should not be regretted. All things that happen in life have their purpose and learning from these events and using what you have learned in the here and now will help bring good Karma to you. If you put your past events in perspective and consider them ways in which your mind and body has grown in a positive manner, you will more easily be able to live in the present moment.

Another aspect of this law that will be reviewed is the importance of forgiveness and how it allows you to live in the present moment. There are so many distractions in life and being able to live in the present will allow you to do just that, live the best life you can. When you live in the present and enjoy what happens in the here and now you will ensure that good Karma flows to you.

chapter 12: history repeats itself ($12.95)

Do you realize that you have the ability to stop your history from repeating itself?

Have you recognized that only you can interrupt the cycle of negative events that occur in your life?

You may have experienced yourself, the problems that can arise when you do not learn from the past and you allow history to repeat itself. In this chapter we will review the key things you can do to make sure history does not repeat itself. Only then can you continue to grow in a positive manner which will allow good Karma to flow freely.

Karma law teaches that it is important to learn from your experiences and move on to experience new things which will allow you to continue to grow spiritually. When you have a new, positive experience you actually generate good Karma. It is important to continue to move on so that you can continue to grow and generate additional good Karma.

Give yourself the ability to learn from your experiences so that you may appreciate new experiences. Do not allow history to repeat itself. In so doing you will allow good Karma to continue to flow to you.

chapter 13: persistence (it pays to be patient) ($12.95)

Have you heard of the phase ‘good things come to those that wait’?

How about the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’?

In this chapter we will review the 11th law of Karma which teaches the virtue of patience and persistence. As with several other laws of Karma, focusing on your life and remaining patient will provide you with benefits that will result in true joy and good Karma.

When you put work into something, and achieve a goal, you have a great sense of accomplishment. The harder you work toward something the greater satisfaction when your labor bears fruit. Making sure you remain patient and do not rush the process will ensure that the rewards you finally receive will be well worth the wait.

This chapter includes several questions, that when you answer, will provide you with areas that you need to improve in your life so that you can be more patient as well as persistent. These changes may not be that easy to achieve at first, but as you remain persistent you will find that you are capable of making these changes. When you are patient you will find that good Karma will actually flow to you more easily.

chapter 14: energy in = energy out ($12.95)

We are now up to the final law of Karma.

This law describes the concept that what you put into something is what you will get back from it. The more positive energy you put out there the more positive energy you will receive back. When you spread good Karma selflessly you have that good Karma returned to you.

In this chapter we will review the various ways that you put out energy into the universe and what you can do to improve this energy and make it more positive. As you take positive, selfless actions you not only benefit yourself but those around you. Being a caring human being, concerned about the welfare of others will provide a direct benefit to others, and that positive energy will come back to you.

Putting out positive energy to the universe not only makes you spiritually healthier it makes you physically healthier as well. Your overall existence become more harmonious and you become more connected to the universe and the energy that flows in and around it. You can make a difference with everything you say and do. You cannot only create a consistent flow of good Karma to yourself, you can also extend that good Karma to those around you.

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